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Amar Oedit, MSc Consultant

Amar Oedit performed his undergraduate studies in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences at Leiden University. During his master he performed an internship where he developed a microfluidic electrokinetic sample preparation technique for the enrichment of low-abundant metabolites. Not only did this research led to both a publication and a patent it also sparked his interest in the commercialization of science. Afterwards, he chose to pursue a specialization in science-based business. As a part of this track he performed a business internship at to-BBB technologies B.V. where he was responsible for the general communication strategies. He started a PhD in analytical chemistry at the at Leiden University where he worked on developing a miniaturized electroextraction technique for sample preparation and analysis of metabolites in biomass-limited samples. At ttopstart, Amar uses his passion for both science and business to enable scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

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Amar Oedit, MSc
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