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Joke van Bemmel, PhD, PMP Consultant and Project Manager

Joke is Life Science Consultant and Project Manager at ttopstart. She has a strong scientific background in transcriptional regulation and (epi-)genomics. Joke graduated cum laude from the University of Amsterdam, completed her PhD research at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, and got awarded a Rubicon and VENI fellowship as part of NWO’s Talent Scheme as a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute Curie (France) and the ErasmusMC. Motivated to contribute to the implementation and valorisation of life science research and innovation, she switched gears and became a Scientific Program Manager at the Gladstone Institute for Cardiovascular Disease (USA). There she led an R&D partnership with the biopharmaceutical company Tenaya Therapeutics, aimed at technology and knowledge transfer to advance Tenaya programs towards clinical product development. Before joining ttopstart, she also became a certified Project Management Professional (PMI).

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Joke van Bemmel, PhD, PMP
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