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Jordi-Amat Cuello, PhD Consultant

Jordi-Amat Cuello, PhD, graduated in Chemistry at Universitat de València after performing his MSc thesis at the prestigious Leiden Institute of Chemistry (LIC). During those days he was captivated by the versatility and reactivity to light of some metal-based compounds. Later, as part of his PhD studies at LIC, Jordi explored the possibility of using those compounds as in situ light-activated drugs, potentially decreasing the side effects that cancer patients suffer from current systemic chemotherapy treatments. His research was an exciting combination of chemistry, photophysics and cellular biology, turning him into a multidisciplinary scientist once he obtained the degree in 2017. After working as a researcher in private-public partnerships, he started as a consultant at ttopstart. Here he seeks to bridge academia and industry creating synergistic interactions to overcome the biomedical challenges that we face, ultimately improving people’s lives.

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Jordi-Amat Cuello, PhD