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Lily Boutens, PhD Consultant

A bachelor in Beta-gamma at the University of Amsterdam enabled Lily Boutens to explore various scientific fields and, ultimately, acquire specialized knowledge in the field of Biomedical Sciences. After a master’s in Molecular Nutrition at Wageningen University which included a six-month internship at Oxford University, she pursued with a PhD at the crossroads of metabolism and immunology – a joint project between the group of Human Nutrition at Wageningen University and Internal Medicine at Radboud University Medical Centre. Here she researched the relevance of intracellular metabolic reprogramming for immune responses of monocytes and macrophages with a predominant focus on macrophages residing in the adipose tissue and their contribution to chronic inflammation in the obese state. Having successfully defended her thesis in March 2018, Lily currently aims to fuel healthcare innovations by supporting researchers and biomedical engineers as Consultant at ttopstart.

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Lily Boutens, PhD
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