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Lisa Scheefhals, BSc Project Assistant

Lisa Scheefhals (BSc) has essentially completed her research Master Neuroscience & Cognition at Utrecht University, and decided to follow an additional Minor in Fundamentals of Business & Economics to explore new areas in the field of Life Sciences. She performed a 9-month research internship at the Cell Biology department (Utrecht University) focusing on the role of actin in inhibitory presynapse dynamics, and a 6-month internship at Laval University in Quebec City, Canada, where she got the opportunity to investigate the role of microglia in sex-specific changes in hippocampal synaptic density in a schizophrenia mouse model. At ttopstart, Lisa is responsible for updating the Life Sciences Funding Database on the website, as well as the corresponding LinkedIn Group.

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Lisa Scheefhals, BSc
+31 (0)30 73 70 779