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Martijn Wilmer, PhD Senior Project Manager

Martijn Wilmer started his career as laboratory technician at the Department of Pediatrics of Radboudumc, Nijmegen in 2001. He developed patented human renal cell lines to investigate inherited renal tubular disorders. At the Department of Pediatrics Martijn started his PhD to characterize these cells in detail. Using cell-based assays, his patented models are being applied in drug toxicity screening by the pharmaceutical industry which may lead to increased drug safety and reduced animal experimentation. Martijn achieved further validation of his models during his time as post-doctoral researcher and assistant professor at the department of Pharmacology and Toxicology of Radboudumc. He was awarded with the NC3Rs NephroTube Challange to lead an international project with an interdisciplinary team. The exploitation of his innovations was fueled by the BioBusiness Masterclass (HollandBio) and commercialized at Cell4Pharma where Martijn is CSO.

At ttopstart, Martijn is senior project manager since March 2019. He is eager to challenge scientific projects in order to accelerate your research into innovations that can change healthcare.

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Martijn Wilmer, PhD