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Michelle van Wijk, MSc Senior Consultant

Michelle van Wijk, MSc (consultant) completed her bachelor of biomedical sciences at the University of Utrecht with an additional minor in entrepreneurship. Her master biomedical sciences at the University of Leiden included a management and business program. During her master studies Michelle completed an internship at the medical physiology department of the University Medical Centre Utrecht, where she studied circulating biomarkers to detect cardiac fibrosis. Michelle performed her second internship of the master program at ttopstart, where she investigated the clinical evidence required for both clinical acceptance and commercial success in medical technology (2014). Following the successful completion of this project, she was initially offered a position as junior consultant. Currently, Michelle is a consultant at ttopstart  and involved in project management and support of funding subsidies to research and biotech. With her strong background in both life sciences and entrepreneurship, Michelle mainly focuses on business-related proposals.

Expertise area: Medical Devices

Michelle's expertise area is medical devices. Below you can find resources that she has created on this topic.

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Michelle van Wijk, MSc
+31 (0)30 7370779.