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Ronan Patrick McLaughlin, PhD Consultant

Ronan Patrick McLaughlin studied Biological Sciences at the University of Edinburgh, ultimately specialising in Reproductive Biology and graduating in 2012. He subsequently began his MRes studies in Molecular Medicine at the University of Glasgow, undertaking research placements at the prestigious Paul O’Gorman Leukaemia Research Centre and Beatson Institute for Cancer Research. Ronan’s inexorable desire to unravel cancer-specific weaknesses and thereby improve patient therapy prompted him to acquire a PhD position at the Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research at Leiden University, The Netherlands. This European Research Council (ERC)-funded project revolved around the identification of novel drug targets and combination therapies for triple-negative breast cancer, in close collaboration with Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam and the University of South Australia in Adelaide. As a consultant at ttopstart, Ronan seeks to utilise his skills and knowledge to promote and sustain avant-garde biomedical research and innovation.

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Ronan Patrick McLaughlin, PhD
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