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Stijn van Steenoven, MSc Consultant

Stijn van Steenoven, MSc, has a Joint Degree from the VU and UVA in Amsterdam in Science, Business and innovation in Life Science. Before that, he earned a bachelor’s degree Science & Innovation management at the Utrecht University.

He studied the scientific aspects as well as the business aspects of the life science industry, and the steps needed for successful commercialisation in this field. He also focused on the innovation theories that elaborated on the development of technological competitive advantage.

Stijn experienced the start-up environment by first hand, working in two life science companies. At the high-tech optics company LUMICKS, he acted as an intern consultant, to improve the business processes and prepare the company for a sustainable growth. At  Crossbeta, he was involved in the optimisation of clinical trial cost-effectiveness for an Alzheimer drug, by stratifying the patient population on disease characteristics.

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Stijn van Steenoven, MSc
+31 (0)30 73 70 779