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Perspectum Diagnostics

ttopstart supports Perspectum Diagnostics with developing competitive non-dilutive funding applications.

Perspectum Diagnostics is a private research and patented technology company that focuses on the detection and the accurate, quantitative measurement of liver, gallbladder and pancreatic disease with non-invasive, quantitative and accurate analysis tools for diagnose and monitor response to treatment.

The company discoveries improve the diagnosis and treatment of liver diseases and produces real and measurable benefits with their expertise in open-access clinical trials, and commitment to rigorous scientific technique development.

Perspectum’s initial software product LiverMultiScan is expected to transform hepatology by providing objective, quantitative and accurate information about patients’ livers in one 20-minute visit, with no need for intravenous contract.

Read more on Perspectum's LiverMultiScan in our BLOG.

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